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Live Support, In recent years the incidents of theft have increased considerably. Besides, you may want to open a door to someone you do not even know when you are alone in the house. If you are not alone at home with your child at a time when you can not be at home when the bell rings to see who came to the house, due to the technological progress of the video diaphone conversation systems have been developed. Thanks to the video diaphone (diafon), you can see who is at the door by means of the image system connected to the door when you are at home. If someone you do not know or someone you do not want to see does not think you are at home when you do not open the door. But if you do not have a diaphone, you can not create an image that you are not at home because you call it when you knock on the door. Your little child is left alone in the house, and when you steal the door, the child sees who is at the door, and someone who does not know does not open the door. It is very advantageous for you to install a house diaphone (diafon). It is up to you to see who has stolen your door and open or open the door according to him. Not only the thefts, but also the peddlers and beggars have begun to go door to door. You will not see them and open them. They will also think you do not have a home. Diafon & Bell Electrical Installations Building Materials at webs with affordable prices and GeT installments. Online sales on the diaphragm products are on internet! Purchase diaphragm models, diaphragm types and brands at affordable prices. our company founded by leading technology experts enterprising people and its neighbors in areas where the work has come to a firm position today. Do you know how to breathe? What is a diaphragm ?, What does a diaphragm mean, Diaphone TDK. diaphone. a tool that allows short-term conversation at work, in apartments, at taxi stands. Diaphone Installation, Intercom Installation, Business Place Dial Communication System. Definition. Diaphragm installation; It is an in-built speech system consisting of branches, push-to-talk, let-listen, and branches. Elements and Constructions. Workplace communication system. You can find diaphragm systems with or without video. Villa set products with several floors and single door systems, diaphone system like mobile phone without using cable with wireless diaphragm, bell transformers, ladder automation. The bell ring facility is no longer used. That's why I asked you to do a screening of the diaphragm installation. Introduction: Apartment voice communication system; where the apartment owners can meet with the doorman and doorman. The diaphone (the dialect of the plural, the plural diaphones) the diaphone (the dialect of the plural, the plural diaphones). Loudspeaker phone for short distance communications in buildings. The diaphone is a direct voice communication tool. Diaphone Cable. Video Diaphone. Building Video Communication-Fire Detection And Burglar Alarm Systems. 2 Year Service Guarantee. Quality Product Affordable Price. Free Discovery. Video / Invisible Diafon Systems, 100% Domestic Production, Widespread service network. Request Free Discovery. Services: Smart House, Intercom Systems, Diaphone Systems. Affordable Intelligent Reliable Intercom Solutions for Apartments and Villas. Intercom Systems is at internet with thousands of products and brands at affordable prices! Visit DIYON Systems & Building Market & Garden, Home And Life. You can buy intercom systems at webs for the most reasonable prices. Follow our site, take advantage of our campaigns! Our company aims to provide quality and professional services with different products at reasonable prices for you about video and other intercom systems. Apartment Diafon systems are the products of video intercom and apartment conversation systems applied to apartments and sites. Apartment intercom systems common installation. Intercom system; it can be defined as the name given to the internal speech system, which is usually used to provide voice communication at workplaces and apartments. In other words, it can be thought of as a simple radio with a push-to-talk principle. The working principle of the intercom is basically through the branch intercoms connected to the central intercom.